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Zero Fees Adwords Services

In this proposal, you dont have to pay us any fees. And still we will serve you. We will still manage your campaign.

Surprised? No. This is real package. And there is no catch in it.

If your daily budget is US$100 (or more) and your campaign is 30 days (or more) older, you can enjoy this facility.

Your Existing Expenditure
Let us take an example to make it more clear by following example. Let us say, following is status of your existing campaign.

  • US$ 3,000 per month expenditure (@ US$100/day) which you pay google as its click charges
  • US$ 450 per month (approx. fees) which you might be paying to agency managing your adwords campaign [or you might be investing your own time, which you can save]
  • Total monthly expense is US$3,000 + US$450 = US$3,450
  • Let us say, for this spending (of US$ 3,450) you are getting 3,000 clicks or 100 conversions.

Now you can save this US$450 (or whatever fee you are paying) every month.

Action Plan

  • We will create campaign for you, in our google adwords account. So now, we will pay google its fees. You will send us US$3,000 (or whatever your monthly google budget is) to us. And we will pay google for its click charges with this fund.
  • We will configure, manage and run your campaign with better keywords, higher CTR, improved performance and enhanced campaign management.
  • Using all these efforts, we will ensure that you should get better results compared to existing results. In other words, you will get same clicks which you were getting earlier (or more clicks).

Your Benefits

  • You are paying only google click charges, which you are paying right now. So no extra burden on you.
  • You are now not paying any fee to manage it. Thus, you are saving this fee every week (or every month).
  • You are getting same number of clicks (or more). So no click loss.
  • You can use google analytics or statcounter code to check your all visitors, keywords used, their country etc. So that you should know everything about it.
  • You can send us funds for this plan by bank wire transfer. No paypal for this package.

Please contact us at
info@yesiwillbuy.com to start this package.


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