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Web Site Analytics

A turnkey web site analytics service is based on web site analytics software, A/B or multivariate testing software and the expertise of web analytics and web design professionals. The service typically covers monitoring, collecting, measuring, reporting and analysis of quantitative web site activity data, which businesses and organizations can use to optimize landing pages and maximize online marketing activities. The web site analytics software runs on the web server or uses code tags that are implemented in the web page to send user activity information back to the web server.

With web site analytics site owners and online marketers can track and analyze site visitor behavior on web pages, traffic patterns, click and conversion tracking of marketing campaigns, conversion dynamics and more. The resulting data stream provides businesses with the necessary information to make educated business decisions and maximize campaign ROI.

Web site analytics is a continuous and repetitive process comprised of five major steps: collect, measure, report, analyze and optimize.

  • Set Goals - Identify clients' goals and objectives
  • Measure - Use web analytics software to collect relevant data
  • Report - Compile data in relevant, human-readable reports
  • Analyze - Define web site or landing page changes based on report analysis
  • Optimize - Test and implement modifications and repeat

    Benefits of Web Site Analytics Services
    A full-service Web site analytics service allows site owners and online marketers to focus their resources on online marketing campaigns and initiatives that work and deliver ROI, and eliminate those activities that are not paying off.

Optimize Web site usability
Identify usability and navigation issues that prevent visitor from completing an action, e.g. checkout at an ecommerce web site, signing up for a white paper.

Optimize visitor conversions
Web site or landing page optimization using multivariate or A/B testing to increase ROI and generate more conversions.

Web Site Analytics Service Program
Advanced Media Productions offers a full-service Web site analytics program that includes Web site analytics and multivariate and A/B testing software combined with the expertise of an experienced analytics professional. Advanced Media Productions delivers more than just Web site analytics. Our skilled web analytics professionals provide ongoing support, helping clients define their goals towards campaign success using proven data collection, measurement and reporting methods.

Program Methodology
Our Web analytics service is based on a 6-step program that includes the following components:

Identify Goals and Objectives
Analyzing the directories to determine in which categories competitors are listed, and what type of descriptions their sites have.

Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
The second step in the service program defines the specific business metrics and key performance indicator (KPI's). This includes deciding on the KPI's such as visits-to-lead conversion and visits-to-sales conversion and on a data collection strategy, e.g. what data to keep and what to ignore, storage/archiving requirement and historical report generation.

Data Collection and Reporting
In the data collection and reporting step we set-up the data collection parameters and defines what type of reports need to be generated. After metric data has been collected it is parsed into a useful and human readable reports that ties into the specific site goals or key performance indicator (KPIs). Often different reports are generated for marketing, IT and executives.

Define Enhancement Strategy
Based on a thorough analysis of the report results we identify the changes that could potentially affect the bottom line the most. This could include changes to web site or landing page designs, navigation or develop of new content or landing pages.

Multivariate and A/B Testing
The best way to verify whether the changes to the web site or landing page are effective is through multivariate or A/B testing. Before multivariate testing can begin we establish a control and baseline, e.g. web page, landing page or banner ad and define the variations we are going to test. Once the baseline is established, we start optimizing the item we have selected one step at a time.

Measure Test Results and Repeat
The final step in the program includes capturing, measuring and analyzing the multivariate testing results of the changes and incorporating those results in the next planning cycle.


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