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Partnership Proposal


  1. Important
    We dont need any investment from you.

  2. Earning Potential for Both of Us
    US$ 24,000 / week

  3. What can we do for you?
    1. Recently we purchased a new office place for US$ 1,00,000. This is a 1,000 sq. ft, Ground Floor with several rooms in it. We have two broadband internet connections with power packup to run servers and computers. We have increased our
      manpower here to 20 persons. We are offering following services at moment.
  4. Services we may offer
    1. A. Website designing / redesigning / updation / maintenance (more info at http://www.icrdt.com & http://www.icrdt.com/portfolio/portfolio.htm )
    2. B. PPC (google, msn, yahoo) at http://www.yesiwillbuy.com (Google has certified us as Certified Google Adwords Professional)
    3. C. SEO (website optimization, meta tags, manual submission etc) at http://www.yesiwillbuy.com/seo.htm

  5. Our Actual Cost
    1. We are paying US$ 1,000 per month to bank as repaying the loan taken for this new office.
    2. There are other office expenses (electricity, net, maintenance, airconditioner, phone, food, etc) as approx. US$ 1,000.
    3. The average salary we are paying is in between US$ 500 to US$ 1,000 per month. Thus, average salary comes around US$ 750 per month. Hence we are paying approx. 20 x $ 750 = $ 15,000 per month.
    4. Thus, our average total monthly expense is 1,000 + 1,000 + 15,000 = $ 17,000.
    5. Since 20 persons are working 6 days a week x 8 hours a day = 20 x 6 x 8 = 960 hours per week x 4 = 3,840 hours per month. Hence our per hour cost is $17,000 / 3,840 = US$ 4.42.

  6. Profit for both of us
    1. A. Or for easy calculation you can say that it comes to approx. US$ 5 per hour if we can keep entire team of 20 person busy 8 hours a day x 6 days a week x 4 weeks a month. Now, let us assume if we can sell these manhours to $25/hour, how much profit we can make? If we sell these 3,800 hours @ $25/hr, then we can make 95,000 a month. I know that we can not keep our entire team busy for all the hours but still we can make good money.
  7. We need to understand that above profitability can be achieved only when we are able to keep our entire team of 20 persons, busy for 8 hours a day for complte month. If we are able to keep them busy for only 75% of time, then it is natural that our profitability will decrease becasue our expenses would be same while our income would reduce.
  8. What I need from you?
    1. You can assume that you are having your own company in India, which is ready to work for you. And best part is that you dont have to invest anything for that.
    2. Moreover, you are under no obligation to pay any recurring expenses (like salary or wages etc). You just need to get client and get order with upfront. Rest part will be done by us.
    3. Your main focus would be that you will generate business, find new clients, discuss their needs, send them proposals/emails, talk with them over phone, meet with them, negotiate and finalize deal, and increase business. Main thing where I need your help is that being an american, it will be easier for you to get business from other american companies.
  9. Funds
    1. A. You can take upfront/part payment/full payment from clients in your account. I trust you.
    2. B. After getting funds from clients, you can keep your share and send my share to me.
  10. What I will do next?
    1. I will take project from you and will complete them. All development, designing, maintenance, ppc, seo etc work will be done by us.
  11. My Visit to your country
    1. A. To help you in getting more business from your country, I can come there. You and me, both will bear this cost (air ticket, my stay there, other expenses) equally 50-50.
    2. B. I will be there for approx one week or so. Together, I can help and assist you on any of your querry or technical help. My sole objective of this visit is to increase your business. For that, if you wish, I will even accompany to any business meeting to help you to get more business.
    3. C. Objective is that I should see your country, your businessman, and your work culture. If possible, we (you and me) may go to any prospective client for business meeting where you may talk and I will accompany you. These things will help me to understand the way, americans work.
  12. Your suggestions
    1. A. These are my views. These are not final as I always need your thoughts in my planning. Please review all above plan and let me know how we can make it better. You can email me at info@yesiwillbuy.com

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2/449, Ground Floor, Subhash Nagar,
New Delhi - 110 027

Ph. India