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Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is an extremely powerful practice that can lead to a dramatic increase in web site conversion rates, online revenues and profits.

Our full-service landing page optimization service provides businesses and organization with an effective way to test and improve the conversion rate of their web sites and maximize online revenue and profits. Using the Google Website Optimizer tool and levering the expertise of our web site conversion analysts and web design professionals, we are able to show visitors different variations of a landing page and determine which version will best attract users and persuade them to take a specific action, such purchasing a product, signing up for a email newsletter or registering for a white paper download.

Google Website Optimizer
The Google Website Optimizer tool enables us to rapidly test the various combinations of creative elements - headline, image, promo text - on a landing page, using multivariate testing, and quickly determine which content combinations your visitors respond to best. When we have collected sufficient data, we also provide you with a full report of our findings to help you decide what changes to make to your landing page(s) to improve the conversion rate.

Landing Page Optimization Service
The ideal combination of convenience, expertise and service is offered through our Google Website Optimizer-based landing page optimization service. This turnkey solution provides a complete implementation of landing page testing and optimization with the goal to dramatically increase your web site conversion rate.

Our landing page optimization service includes the following features:

  • Simultaneously tests various permutations in content, offers, layout, and design
  • Statistically identifies the most effective web page elements and combinations of elements
  • Provides detailed reports on landing page conversion rates

Our landing page optimization service is based on a 6-step program that includes the following:

  • Determine which landing page(s) to test
  • Test plan design, including selecting page sections and page section variations
  • Landing page and confirmation page tagging
  • Create variables - headlines, image and copy - for each page section
  • Run the test program to test the page section variables against the original (the control)
  • Provides detailed reports on customer conversion rates


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